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Its actually sort of relaxing, very simple and almost as little work as using a machine. I know. I was surprised too. After realising I couldn’t afford a washing machine after moving house and purchasing a fridge I did some research. Surely other people face the same thing, a lack of modern appliance and  or electricity.
There are many methods out there on the home maker, homesteading and survivalist forums. All have plusses and minuses, some require specialist and expensive equipment, others are more of a diy solution. The method I’ve chosen is the least expensive to set up – short of having a clean mountain stream and a few rocks.

  • A large plastic bucket/ garbage can. $12.50
  •  A smaller bucket to removing water in stages so no heavy lifting is needed $1.50
  • A plunger with holes cut in it and an attached long handle $10.45 and $2.30
  • Laundry tub and eco washing powder


  • Fill the bucket with cold water and a scoop of powder
  • Add clothing
  • Agitate up and down with plunger for two mins
  • leave to soak for an hour or more
  • Agitate whenever you walk past, min of once more
  • Remove clothes from bucket and into laundry tub. Empty suddsy water with smaller bucket so no strain on your back.
  • Fill bucket with fresh water. Ad a few drop of lavendar oil if you wish.
  • Rinse clothes.
  • Let clothes drain for a few mins while you do somthing else such as make a cup of tea, plant something, etc.Squish out extra water, the longer you let them drain the less squishing required. 30 mins seems to have them reasonably drysh and ready for hanging
  • Reserve the rinse water for the beginnings of your next wash or as a soak for heavily soiled clothing. Really soiled clothing such as gardening pants can be hand scrubbed, or just soak for a day and the dirt falls off.


It may seem like a lot of work when written down but I find its not much more work than a normal washing machine and certainly far less than going to a Laundromat.


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